Triyam’s Patient and Provider portal platform is called Fovea. Fovea is a certified secure platform where patients can login and connect with their healthcare providers. There are several features in Fovea, which empower the patient and increase the productivity of the providers.

  • Access Medical Records
  • Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • Secure messaging
  • Appointment management
  • Online bill payment
  • Health Monitoring Devices
  • Patient education material
  • Health Information Exchange

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Fovea can be a standalone patient and provider portal, which can be setup for any hospital or clinic or any health system. Fovea can also integrate with any EHR, Health Information Exchange (HIE) or with any other clinical or financial portal.

Why another patient portal?

Many EHRs already come with their own patient portal, why do we need another?  Here are some of the reasons why an EHR independent patient portal makes sense.

Consolidate medical records

The patient portals, which come with the EHR, are very specific to the EHR product. They do not cater to the needs of your hospital or health system. Many Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Integration Delivery Networks (IDNs) have multiple EHRs used by acute care centers, ambulatory clinics, surgery centers etc. Each of these EHRs come with their own portal which do not interface with each other. Patients therefore need to login into multiple portals to get their information. The Fovea patient and provider portal consolidates patient information from all the EHRs into a single platform, so patients can go to one place to get all their medical records.

Total Patient Responsibility

Just like Fovea portal can consolidate all the clinical information from different EHRs, it can also consolidate financial information from different systems and present to the patient in a consolidated fashion. Patients can pay their bills online with one click of a button or setup payment plans for larger bills.

Manage Appointments

Patients who want an appointment can do it online in Fovea. Fovea has a built in workflow engine to manage the process of patient making an appointment request, the providers receiving the requests and approving or declining them. Even existing appointments can be modified and goes through a similar workflow. Providers can also setup their availability online so that patients are better informed when making an appointment request. Fovea also sends automated appointment reminders to patients reducing the number of no shows.

Secure communication

Patients and Providers can exchange secure HIPAA compliant messages through Fovea. Providers can receive a message and respond to it or initiate a message to the patient. Providers can also refer patients to other providers – both within the network and outside of the network. Medical records can be sent and received via secure messaging thereby eliminating the need for Fax. In addition to serving as a huge convenience for the patients, this also saves lot of time and effort for the healthcare providers.

Personal Health Record

In Fovea patients can not only see the medical records from the healthcare providers, they can also add their own personal health information. Patients can update their allergy, prescription medication, home medication, diagnosis, surgery history, social history etc. They can also upload past medical records such as scanned documents of lab reports. Patients can then share this Personal Health Record (PHR) with other family members and friends.


Careline24/7 is an innovative app which captures personal health information from health monitoring devices such as Fitbit, Apple watch etc. Careline24/7 integrates with Fovea and can upload the captured data to the patient portal. Patients can choose to share the uploaded data with their providers how will now have a comprehensive information about the patient before their next visit.

Customized and Hosted

Fovea is built on an open architecture platform. This allows it to add more features just like assembling building blocks. Fovea can therefore be customized for specific customer needs. Fovea is hosted in a secure HIPAA compliant Cloud and can be deployed in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model which allows customers to maximize Return on Investment with minimal capital outlay.

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