Increasingly, users are interested in mining their historic data to get meaningful information. This could be in the form of KPIs, graphs, charts, dashboards, and analytic reports.

Good archive products like Fovea organize the data repository to facilitate and enable users to mine their database for this information. Because of our query, filters, indices, and data structures – information is easily accessible.

Types of Analysis

Three basic types of data analysis are:

  • Performance reporting is a basic level of reporting. Examples of such reports are:  how many patients were seen in a period, which providers saw the patients, how many procedures were done, patient procedures by DRG & chronic condition, length of stay, readmissions, revenue forecasts by month/year, etc.
  • Informed Strategic Planning are more sophisticated analytics which helps in planning and budgeting. Examples of such reports are:  bed occupancy, staffing needs, when and where health camps should be planned, etc.
  • Predictive Analytics are advanced analysis which predict the future based on the past. Examples of such reports are : which patients are at risk – of what diseases, what preventive actions should be taken, research on chronic conditions, cancer research, etc.

Data format

Data analysis and reporting is possible only if the legacy data is properly retained in an archive. In Triyam’s Fovea data archive, the preferred method of data storage for analysis is discrete and structured. If discrete and structured is too expensive to extract and store, alternative analytics can be done prior to archival.


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