In the recently published KLAS 2022 Report – ‘Data Archiving 2022: In a Competitive Market, Who Is Being Selected and Why?’ KLAS  validated twenty-three healthcare organizations between January 2020 and December 2021 that were replacing their archival solutions for various reasons ranging from costs, system capacity, or the desire to find a  solution that could handle several types or volumes of data.

Through this report, KLAS confirmed the various factors that influenced purchasing decisions in the healthcare data archiving market. Ultimately, Triyam was declared to be highly considered and the most frequently chosen vendor in this report sample; in every KLAS-validated decision.

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Triyam KLAS Report Highlights

The KLAS 2022 performance report discussed several reasons why Triyam was a highly considered and the most frequently chosen vendor in the data archival market.

Here are some of the report highlights:

  • Triyam scored an overall performance score of 92.8%
  • Organizations that selected Triyam cited the price and sales process as their main purchasing reasons:
    • Triyam’s pricing structure is described as straightforward and flexible.
    • Triyam’s sales representatives are described as knowledgeable and professional, creating a positive sales experience. Specific points mentioned include providing straightforward quotes, thorough guidance, and timely follow-up.
  • Triyam’s archival solution, Fovea EHR Archive’s ability to retrieve necessary data on demand and create reports was also cited as functionality that organizations cite as most important to them.
  • While making a purchasing decision, 30% of organizations instantly considered Triyam as their archival partner, and all of them ultimately selected Triyam as their vendor.
  • Triyam was the only vendor to be considered and also ultimately selected, without replacement, by many organizations. Triyam on no occasion missed any timelines, not once lost data while extracting, and never lacked EMR integration capabilities.

Here’s what healthcare organizations say about Triyam: June 2022


“The product is doing great. We have all of the data we have requested in there. It is easy for us to post any payments, and we run a monthly report to reconcile things. We are doing great with Fovea EHR Archive.”

– Director


Implementation and Training:

“I showed the vendor where to find the data that I needed to convert over, and they took it from there. They worked with other vendors on exporting data, and then I made sure that everything was correct. It was a pretty seamless process moving our data over to Fovea EHR Archive. Triyam knew the way everything worked, and they knew what to drag over for us.”

– Director


ROI / Cost (care and feeding):

“The vendor created the product for people that were doing conversions and would need to get their data archived at a cheaper price.”

– Director


Functionality and Upgrades:

“It is a very easy product to use. I have made a few suggestions to the vendor on some items that would be great to have, and they added a few tabs based on my recommendations. The product works great. I think it is the perfect product.”

– Director


What This Means For You

Is your healthcare organization looking for a partner to take care of your data archival needs?

If yes, then understanding the potential partners in the data archival market and selecting the right vendor is an important step. The 2022 June Performance KLAS Report shows how Triyam is viewed by other healthcare organizations as the highly considered and most frequently selected vendor in terms of pricing, implementation, product functionality, and sales process for data archival. If these are some of the areas that meet your organization’s interest, Triyam may be the right archival partner for you!

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Triyam is Best in KLAS 2021, 2022

Healthcare providers hold the Best in KLAS winners to the highest standards of excellence. Triyam is named as Best in KLAS in Data Archiving for two years in a row!

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