Webinar: Today’s Live EHR is Tomorrow’s Legacy EHR

01/22/2021, Friday 1.00 PM Eastern – MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Learn how to archive data in your legacy EHR when you change vendors

Did you change your EHR system or planning to change it soon? Are you acquiring new facilities in your group? What to do with the historical medical and financial records in the legacy EHR? What data should be migrated to the new EMR? What are state requirements for data retention?

You need a data extraction, conversion, and retention strategy for historical medical and financial records in legacy EHR.

Listen to industry experts share Key lessons and Best practices on Data management strategies for EHR system replacement.

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The 3 C’s of Legacy Data

– Guest speaker Director of Compliance Strategy from 360Advanced

Top 5 Cyber Security Threats for Healthcare Organizations in 2019

– Guest speaker from former NSA cybersecurity specialists

Best Practices for Meditech EHR Data Migration & Archival

– Guest speaker Meditech Consultant

Archiving Historic EHR Data

 – Guest speaker from KLAS Research

5 things you must know about retiring Legacy EHRs                                                                                                                                                                     -Guest speaker former CIO of Methodist Hospital

How to Create a Data Extraction, Migration, and Retention Strategy When Retiring a Legacy EHR

                                                     -Guest speaker Chief Analytics Officer from RXA

Three Guiding Principles of the Most Successful Health IT Initiatives

                                   -Guest speaker Principle and founder of Elwood and Winston Consulting

Things you need to know when moving to a New EHR

-Guest speaker from Sanford Health

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