Information transfer from one system or technology to another encompasses data migration services. To make sure that the information transfer was carried out accurately and well, data profiling and validation must also be utilized. Data migration in an electronic health record necessitates moving data from an old infrastructure to a new one. Typically, an EHR has the following patient data:


  • Allergies
  • MRI, CT, and, other radiographic imaging
  • Details about the person’s identity, contact details, and insurance
  • History and dates of immunisations
  • Medical background
  • Plans for medical treatment
  • Medical diagnoses 
  • Prescription drugs
  • Outcomes of scientific experiments


Need for data migration service?

Clinical, Health Information Management (HIM), Human Resources, and other users need access to patient, employee, and business records in the most efficient manner possible. This includes access within the new EHR, as well as records stored in an active archive, ideally with a Single Sign-On integration from the go-forward EHR.


What are data migration best practices?

To ensure the best, most frictionless migration for the system as well as the personnel utilizing it, follow these three best practices.

Understand your data. Make a thorough inventory of all the apps and systems. Understanding the systems’ financial projections (maintenance expenses, labor strain in IT, and possible fines for noncompliance) is also beneficial.

Make a good plan. Create a plan, a budget, and a schedule for the data project. Allow ample time to acquire the information from your suppliers. Verify which data will be moved to an active archive and which will be transferred to the new EHR. To ensure that nothing is lost, incorporate a safe backup strategy for your most crucial data. For guidance, consult the HIPAA backup requirements.

Train your staff. Educate the team about why the new system was necessary and provide training on new processes and procedures to access records.


Which team members are needed for data migration?

A dedicated project manager along with technical resources and subject matter experts can inform and successfully execute the agreed-upon plan.

Are you having trouble transferring EMR data from an old EHR system to a new one? Is it necessary to transfer patient data from many outdated EMR systems to a new, shared EMR data repository? Are you trying to find a way to use an API interface with a single sign-on option to connect your new EHR with your EMR archive? Are you trying to find a reputable and knowledgeable EMR data migration service provider to assist you during the whole process of moving your EMR data?

As a top supplier of EHR data migration services, Triyam can assist you in smoothly transferring your old data to any new EMR of your choosing. When looking to outsource EHR data conversion, you will benefit from our array of services and experience . We can assure you of precise and prompt services and we always convert your EMR data using the most recent EMR data transfer best practices. We can help you whether you need precise EMR data input or EHR data entry as part of an EHR migration.


Our EMR Data Migration Services

We can assist you with a variety of EHR data conversion needs as a top supplier of EHR data migration services. We offer these  EMR data migration services:


EMR Migration Services

Ensure the data migration from your legacy systems to the new EMR of your choosing goes smoothly and doesn’t interfere with your work processes. 


Data Consolidation Services

Our thorough and in-depth data consolidation services enable you to swiftly and accurately combine patient data from multiple sources into a single, easily accessible data repository for convenient access and utilization.


Services for Archive Integration

As a top supplier of EHR data conversion services, we have extensive experience and knowledge integrating archives with new EHRs using secure APIs and single sign-on capabilities.


Data Indexing and Organisation

Your historical data will be indexed and arranged to facilitate searching. We will also mine, filter, extract, format, validate, map, and migrate your data to the new EMR system.


Control of Quality

We will keep an eye on the procedure both during and after the data migration to guarantee the highest standards of quality are upheld. We will continuously monitor and verify all of the data.


Services for Data Visualization

We will assist you in efficiently and effectively visualizing your data as part of our EMR data migration services and demonstrate how to use the features of your new EMR to generate dashboards, graphs, charts, and reports.

We understand that every client has different needs, challenges, and capabilities. That’s why we tailor our data migration solutions to fit the needs of each client individually.

Data migration is more than the latest technology. It requires an experienced team of professionals to get the job done accurately the first time. At Triyam, we have both of these aspects down to a science.

Our trained experts have the skills required to make the data migration process stress-free every step of the way. Our proven pre-, post-, and go-live planning processes have been perfected over many years, enabling us to plan for a multitude of potential scenarios and mitigate risks before they become problems.

If your healthcare facility is ready for EHR data migration services from top professionals, please contact us at or call (855) 663-2684