Legacy AR Wind-Down
Fovea’s AR module helps in winding-down of legacy Accounts Receivables. If legacy system was used for patient billing activity, there may be outstanding balances pending from payers and guarantors

Consolidate Accounts Receivable from legacy billing systems into one Fovea Billing Archive. Continue to manage account balances even after legacy systems are decommissioned.

Fovea’s A/R module allows the collection of pending payments, post adjustments, and balance transfers, thereby enhancing the financial position of the healthcare organization. The Accounts Receivable wind-down module offers the ability for users to actively keep up with patient balances. Financial balances can be kept track of and managed by using revenue cycle management features in Fovea’s A/R module.

Fovea’s built-in A/R workflow allows for the following:

  • Financial document storage
  • Create zero balances or credit balances by posting payments, adjustments, and charges
  • Balance transfers
  • Add transactions and approve them
  • Print patient statements
  • Post and edit memos, and manage refunds and takebacks
  • Refile 837 claims, receive 835 RA files
    Import, save, view, and edit claim and RA files
  • Edit and reprint claims for resubmission
  • Integration ability with EDI or clearinghouse and collection agencies
    • Bulk upload feature for Remittance Advice files (Standard 837 and 835 EDI files or any custom files such as from collection agencies and lock boxes)
      • Upload the file, preview the transactions within the file, and post them into patient accounts. This will update the patient account balances.
      • View the history of all posted Remittance Advice files
      • Process any bulk remittance files in CSV or excel format
      • Interface with Lockbox
  • Notes and Tasks can also be added with follow-up dates
    • This gives the users the ability to maintain a worklist for staff members working down the A/R
  • View the full A/R transaction history of any patient or any account
  • Patient or Guarantor statement letters can be designed and printed
  • Transfer data to external GL applications
  • Create, view, and download AR reports
  • Others

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