Triyam helps healthcare organizations archive their historical data from legacy systems into its ground-up archival solution, "Fovea EHR Archive".

Fovea stores historical patient data in a vendor-neutral format. Providers can search, view, or download historical patient or medical data. Ensure continuity of care for patients. Release of Information is made easy with just a few clicks.

Fovea is a feature-rich, web-based archival application that can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

Fovea EHR Archive is a multi-tenant, secure SaaS application that archives data from legacy EHR, EMR, ERP, business, financial, and billing systems, amongst others. Fovea can be hosted in-house, on-premise, or in the cloud with Microsoft Azure, and is HIPAA-attested and SOC2-certified.

Fovea EHR Archive is the Best in KLAS Winner solution in Data Archiving (2021, 2022, 2024)

Fovea has a multi-tenant architecture that is capable of future expansion to support additional data and provides its users the ability to write custom reports and run business analytics. The product is a certified innovative and intuitive platform.

Fovea can archive across any governmental institution and healthcare specialty. In healthcare, data can be archived from acute care, EHRs, ambulatory systems, home health, long-term care, nursing homes, senior living, hospice, surgical centers, behavioral systems, and many others.

In addition to clinical data, data from patient financial and billing systems can also be archived into Fovea.

Fovea EHR Archive: Features

Retention Requirements

  • Meet federal and state retention requirements
  • Store, download, print, or transmit data
  • Retain and organize various data types in a vendor-neutral format
  • Purge data beyond its retention period automatically, based on a predetermined frequency

 Robust Software

  • Web-based; no software to install locally, and runs on any browser
  • Responsive screen, access from any device: desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices
  • Extensible storage with flexible multi-tenant architecture – can scale to virtually any size and service an unlimited number of users

User-Friendly Interface

  • Intuitive operation with a user-friendly graphic interface that can be adopted by users with minimal or no training
  • Rich, easy-to-use functionality to download, view, print, or email information
  • Multiple record views such as grid view, tree view, tab view

Extensive Search Capabilities

  • Access to a powerful search engine to easily retrieve any data from the archive Built-in EMPI means a patient search shows data from multiple systems in a single view
  • Ability to sort and filter parameters to view record
  • Release of Information Workflow
  • Data can be downloaded into user-friendly file formats such as pdf and excel
  • The Release of Information (ROI) workflow in Fovea is designed like a ‘shopping cart’ which is easy for any user to adopt

Reporting Capabilities

  • Extensive reporting capability to generate standard and dynamic reports
  • Store entire relational databases with the ability to write custom reports and run business analytics
  • Built-in PowerBI analytics empowers users to create their reports
  • Supports statistical reports, dashboards, and graphical analysis tools with the ability to drill down into the data.

A/R Management Capabilities

  • Feature to wind-down Accounts Receivable by using Fovea’s AR wind-down module.
  • Financial balances can be kept track of and managed in Fovea by actions such as winding down AR, posting payments, editing, and reprinting claims for resubmission, bulk upload collections and remittances, printing patient statements, etc.
  • Notes and Tasks can be added with follow-up dates

Easy Data Accessibility

  • Data is accessed:
    • Directly in the Cloud
    • Client’s new system via an API
  • Connectivity via API interfaces to external systems
  • Multi-tenant Single-Sign-On. Fovea can integrate with Active Directory for Single Sign On and Authentication. Many of Triyam’s customers use Single Sign On (SSO) for authenticating into Fovea via their existing infrastructures such as Active Directory, ADFS, or LDAP.

Data Management and Optimization

  • Data agnostic – virtually any type of data (structured, unstructured, discrete data, documents, images, etc.) can be archived
  • Manage discrete, non-discrete, unstructured, and structured data including SQL, XML documents such as CCDA
  • AI-Powered OCR technology to help users find their unstructured research data
  • Supports HPC Workflow

Security Requirements

  • Cloud management of data storage, backup, and security and privacy compliance
  • Data security: on-premises or in a secure cloud environment that is HIPAA and SOC2 compliant
  • Comply with Medicare and Medicaid standards for security and privacy
  • Granular, user-defined security permission levels (Role-based Access Control) for limited or unlimited data access
  • Track all user actions, requests, and releases of information for detailed audit reports
  • Break the glass for emergency access to sensitive information
  • Always encrypted

Triyam Paper Scanning Services

Triyam can archive paper records by converting them to scanned documents and images. The service spans across small and large practices with any systems with records spanning across demographic, insurance, clinical – vitals, allergies, diagnosis, imaging, claims data, and much more.

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