Triyam helps you migrate to a new EHR and archive data in your legacy EHR. Whether you are replacing or retiring an EHR, we can assist with EHR/EMR Data Extraction, Medical data conversion, Archival and Analysis.

Triyam’s EHR/EMR Data Conversion services help hospitals and clinics move to a new EHR without losing historical information. By archiving legacy data into Triyam’s medical records archival system Fovea, retiring old systems is made easy.

EHR Replacement or Retirement

  • Move current data to the new system
  • Move historic data to an archive
  • Filter out the bad data you want to leave behind
  • Easily access archived data
  • Avoid unnecessary costs – like ongoing license and support fees to the legacy vendor

Many hospitals and providers move to a new EHR but continue to pay annual support fees to retain access to historic information. Triyam specializes in medical data extraction of all data from old systems, migrating relevant data into new EHR, and moving historic records to an archive.

When obsolete systems are retired, providers are still responsible for maintaining medical and financial records. Triyam archives the data required by state and Federal law, and provides robust, easy-to-use tools to access and analyze historic information.

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Migrate or Archive or Both?

What medical and financial data should I move to a new EHR, and what data should be archived?

The answer depends on your policy for continuity of care and release of information. Be sure to consider state and Federal regulations, vendor costs, and your expected future needs for historic information such as legal and insurance documentation, patient and provider requests, audits and accounting. There could be several reasons why an EHR replacement may involve both migration of some data and archival of some data, as shown in the image below. Triyam helps in patient data migration to the new EHR, archive historic data, or both.

Archive historic patient financial and medical records

Triyam specializes in extraction, patient data migration, and conversion of data from all types of EHR Systems for hospitals and clinics. We offer the complete range of data conversion services, including medical data extraction, formatting, mapping and import of both discrete/non-discrete, structured/unstructured data. Converted data can be moved to the new EHR, or archived in Triyam’s archival system, Fovea.

Triyam’s team of experts help you to move to a new EHR and get all existing patient records into your new EHR database quickly, saving you time and money. Triyam’s medical records and archive application, Fovea, makes your transition easy, and it guarantees future access to historic information.

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