Our Mission

To manage and protect digital assets and provide easy, timely, and meaningful access for business continuity.

Our Vision

To connect people and data without boundaries or limitations.


  • Timely and responsive – We make decisions with proactivity in our actions. We never leave anyone hanging.
  • Reliable – We do what we do well. When we are faced with a challenge, we are obsessed with finding a solution.
  • Integral before anything – We build trust through ethical and responsible behaviors. We act with honesty, always.
  • Youthful mindset – We are curious, seek continuous improvement and embrace learning opportunities with enthusiasm.
  • Accountable – Our relentless feeling of ownership compels us to accept full responsibility for our commitments, actions and results.
  • Making a difference – We rely on, support and provide opportunities to all our stakeholders, starting with our employees.

Our Culture

Team Triyam believes in:

  • Excellent Solutions: Triyam believes in providing robust data management and archival solutions, to our partners and customers. Our team works together to achieve goals efficiently and create excellent quality solutions.
  • Creating Value: Triyam understands the essentiality of the contribution of each of its team members and aims to create value as a team and as individuals.
  • Learning and Growth: Triyam encourages its teams to improve their skills and grow by facing different challenges in real-time, sharing knowledge and ideas, and enhancing solutions in the HIT space.
  • Responsibility and Integrity: Triyam requires and appreciates efforts as a team to provide quality deliverables for customers and partners in a quick and adaptable environment. This requires responsible actions from oneself and the entire team.
  • Building Relationships: Triyam believes in building meaningful personal relationships with each other and having a good time growing together by gaining new knowledge and skills!

Triyam Tenets

  • Patient data safety.
  • Quality of all deliverables.
  • Efficiency in what we do.