ERP Archiving


Triyam specializes in assisting organizations in migrating and archiving data from legacy systems and ERPs. Our solutions go beyond the ordinary, empowering businesses to decommission outdated systems, save costs, and effortlessly meet stringent data retention requirements.


What is ERP Archiving? 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems serve as the backbone of organizations, seamlessly integrating various business processes. Over time, these systems accumulate vast amounts of data, leading to performance challenges, increased storage costs, and compliance concerns. Triyam’s ERP archive “Fovea Box” is designed to address these issues, ensuring optimal system performance, enhanced data security, and streamlined compliance management. 


Key Benefits of ERP Archiving  

  1. Improved System Performance
  •       Enhance the speed and efficiency of your ERP system by archiving historical and unused data.
  •       Optimize system resources for increased productivity and user satisfaction.
  1. Enhanced Data Security
  •       Safeguard sensitive information with secure archiving processes.
  •       Ensure compliance with industry regulations and data protection standards.
  1. Efficient Compliance Management
  •       Simplify compliance efforts by archiving and managing data in accordance with industry regulations.
  •       Facilitate audit processes with organized and easily accessible archived data.

Fovea Box

At Triyam, we understand the unique challenges organizations face in managing ERP data. Our tailored ERP archiving solution “Fovea Box” is designed to: 

  •       Address Storage Challenges: Effectively manage and reduce storage costs associated with ERP data.
  •       Ensure Data Integrity: Preserve data integrity while optimizing system performance.
  •       Customized Solutions: Tailor our archiving solutions to meet the specific needs of your organization. 

Interested in Triyam’s ERP archival solution for your organization?

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