The KYHIMSS Virtual Fall Symposium was a virtual event held on September 30, 2021. This event featured the latest in health information and technology.

Triyam was a premier sponsor for this event and presented on the topic, “Exploring Challenges and Solutions in Securing HIT.” The speakers for the presentation were industry experts, Sudhakar Mohanraj, the CEO of Triyam, and Lisa William, VP of Triyam.

The presentation covered information about Cybersecurity in Health Information Technology (HIT), the several mandated requirements of health information laws, and explored several data security challenges ranging from hackers, multiple EHRs, infrastructure, and much more in great depth. The speakers provided the solution of using an archival solution to overcome the data security challenges.

“It was a great opportunity to connect with several health leaders,” says Sudhakar Mohanraj, CEO of Triyam. “Industry experts understand the extreme importance of data security. We were excited to present our solution of using a secure archive to solve some of the security challenges at the HIMSS Conference!”


The attendees of Triyam’s session learned about:

  • The different data security challenges healthcare facilities face regularly.
  • The industry standards and best practices in securing healthcare systems.
  • Understanding how a central data archive helps healthcare facilities decrease security threats significantly.

The session was created in a manner, that excelled in providing education in an engaging manner. At the end of the session, Triyam also provided a gift card to the surprise winner of the lucky draw!

Triyam’s product: FOVEA EHR Archive:

Triyam provides a secure data archival solution called ‘Fovea EHR Archive.’ To learn more about our Fovea archive, visit:

Triyam’s previous interactions at HIMSS:

Triyam presented previously at the HIMSS Virtual Conference on the topic, ‘Options for storing and mining legacy data.’

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