Did you change your EHR/EMR vendor recently? Or are you planning on changing this year? Here are four key factors you must know about this change.

  • Who owns the historical patient data?
  • How much of it will be converted by the new EMR vendor?
  • How can the facility stay compliant to state regulations?
  • What are the hidden costs in data conversion?

Data ownership ?
Industry experts have made it clear that it is the healthcare facility who owns their patient data and not the EMR vendor. Healthcare providers have the ownership and responsibility to retain the historical medical records. With Triyam, your facility now has the freedom to take your data with them.

How much of your data will be converted ?

Many EMR vendors will not convert all of your old financial and clinical data. Triyam does not convert just ‘some data’ but converts ‘all data’ to your new system. Plus, Triyam has an archival software solution to store converted data in HIPAA compliant environment.

Will your facility be compliant ?

Many states require a minimum six years of data retention, for both clinical and financial data. Also the Release of Information for patients is mandated to be 10 days or less in many states. Triyam helps you define a data retention policy for your facility and stay compliant to it.

What are your hidden costs ?

Beyond paying annual support to your old EMR vendor, your old servers still need to be maintained, monitored and updated to avoid security breach. If the old EHR was cloud based solution, the old vendor can shut it down anytime after you move out to new EHR. Triyam data conversion services will extract all historical data out of old EHR and help shutdown old software and hardware, saving hidden costs to your facility.

When a healthcare facility changes EMR or EHR, there are many dimensions to the project. Converting and Archiving medical records and financial records from the legacy system is one important aspect. Many states require a minimum of five years of patient’s clinical and financial history to be retained.

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