When you are replacing your EHR / EMR vendor, what you must know is not all data gets converted into your new system. Hospitals and providers are many times lead to the false belief that they will not need the old system once they move to the new one. Even after the move to a new EHR, many continue to pay annual support fees to the legacy EHR system – just to retain access to historic information.

Triyam specializes in extracting all data from old EHR system, migrating current data into new EHR, and moving historic records to an archive. Whether you are replacing or retiring an EHR, we can assist with  Data Extraction, Conversion, Archival and Analysis.

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Here are few things you must know about EMR EHR Data Conversion and Archival.

Cost Savings

Many of you may have already experienced first-hand the sticker shock when implementing a new EHR. Unfortunately, the bad news does not stop with just the cost of setting up the new system. The legacy EHR vendor whose system you just replaced, wants you to pay up for releasing the historical data stored in their application. Do not fall for that trap; know that you own your patient data. Triyam can help you in EMR Conversion by extracting all your historical data from the legacy EHR, even without any assistance from the legacy EHR vendor. By archiving legacy data into Triyam’s medical records archival system Fovea, facilities can shut down the legacy EHR and save thousands of dollars.

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State Mandates

When writing the Medical records retention policy for a hospital, the management team should consider state mandated requirements. Many states require a minimum of five years of data retention; this varies from state to state. For minors the policy may mandate more years of data retention. Triyam can extract historical medical and financial records from legacy EHR and consolidate in one archival system. This meets the compliance requirement of HIPAA and the State. This easy access to patient history also helps providers with continuity of care. Staff can also easily track and service requests for Release of Information from patients.

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