May, the designated Mental Health Awareness Month, offers a crucial opportunity to champion mental wellness, spark meaningful discussions, combat stigma and assist those afflicted. As per Forbes, a global surge of depressive symptoms by 28% and anxiety disorders by 25% has been observed post COVID-19.

Addressing mental health issues within the healthcare industry inspires thorough patient care and cure.

Triyam, trusted name in healthcare data management services, is dedicated to advancing mental health support through cutting-edge healthcare data archiving solutions – EHR, EMR and ERP – that aim to alleviate stress among healthcare professionals by optimizing data management and retention tasks affordably. This significantly reduces the workload pressure of the staff and enables our frontline caregivers to focus more on compassionate services.

Prioritizing Mental Health Within Healthcare Organizations

Studies show mental health affects the quality of work and living, causing personality disorders, frequent errors, severe weariness, forgetfulness, restlessness or detachment. Overwork, work-related stress, lack of leaves and inadequate resources are common causes.

Mental health awareness is instrumental in building resilience, compassion and compliance with regulatory standards to effectuate healthcare excellence. Here are the primary benefits:

  • Optimal staff well-being
  • Improved patient care
  • Lower turnover rates
  • Motivated work culture
  • Organizational integrity

A need to streamline the work structure within healthcare organizations is, thus, imperative to ensure the staff is not drained out or contemplating resignation due to unhealthy work culture. That’s where Triyam stands out by optimizing the workflow with complete lifecycle data management solutions, securing historical healthcare records using our SaaS archival product Fovea to preserve critical patient details. This streamlined functionality minimizes stress of our caregivers, adding to their positive mental health and amplifying the trust patients have on them.

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Data-Driven Mental Wellness

Elevating patient care integrity with next-gen data solutions that make the work structure easy is Triyam’s way of improving morale. Comprehensive cloud solutions for legacy data archiving decommissions legacy EHR systems to securely retain the data in the new, compliant system using Fovea EHR Archive and Fovea BOX. It powers up patient care, alleviating workplace burnout and administrative burdens to support mental health.

We aim to avoid staff exhaustion with optimized safekeeping of patient records, accelerating a patient’s healing process with accurate diagnosis and treatment using data-backed healthcare knowledge. Here’s how:

  • EHR Data Archival to our SaaS storage ‘Fovea EHR Archive’.
  • Legacy AR wind-down for financial stability.
  • EHR and EMR data extraction, conversion, archival and analysis.
  • EHR data migration and archival, safeguarding all critical details.
  • ERP archiving to optimize performance challenges.

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Let’s commit to fostering a more sustainable environment. Triyam strives to perpetrate innovative data management solutions to simplify the work structure of healthcare champions around the globe for a work-life balance that keeps mental health challenges at bay!

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