No one is perfect. Even large technology companies make mistakes. However, if your EHR vendor fails to comply with The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, you might start thinking of changing EHRs.

Here is some essential information you need to know on how to retrieve your data trapped in such EHRs you plan to leave.

EHR Vendors in the News

In 2017, eClinicalWorks agreed to pay a $155 million fine for giving kickbacks to customers who publicly promoted their products. The Department of Justice also found that eClinicalWorks failed to meet many of the requirements of the HITECH Act, such as portability, audit log functionality, and accurate diagnostic imaging orders. In February of 2019, Greenway Health was fined $57.25 million for allegations that their actions caused their users to submit false claims under the rules of the EHR Incentives Program.

When it Happens to You

If your EHR company violates the HITECH Act or other regulations, you’ll probably feel like your data is trapped. The Department of Justice will likely rule that the vendor must release your records to you. However, this isn’t always a simple task. This can leave you feeling uncertain about how to access the data you need to care for your patients and run your facility.

Understanding the Use of Fovea

If your sensitive data is locked up in a vendor and you need it out – you need an archival service. Our unique service can extract your clinical and financial records from the EHR, even without the help of your vendor. We can place the data on disc for delivery to you. Once you receive the information, you’ll need to determine the next steps, such as:

  • Where you plan to store the data – new EHR or network share or Cloud archive
  • How you plan to control access of this data

If you’re not sure how to save your legacy data, Fovea EHR Data Archive is a vendor-neutral archival system that stores all of your legacy data in a secure cloud environment. When users sign into the app, they can see the data that’s been saved and organized in the system. Fovea offers a solution for legacy clinical and financial records that you can search, query, download, view, and print. These functions keep you compliant with continuity of care and release of information standards, data retention requirements, and costs only a fraction of the cost of maintaining a legacy system.


If you’re looking for a solution to legacy data, give us a call to schedule a consultation to learn more.