Upgrading your electronic health record (EHR) system is a big investment of time and money, but many times the new system does not address the storage requirements of data from the old one.

Healthcare records are fluid and the safety of old information may be in jeopardy if simply left as is. Security patches and updates will not be performed, leaving private data vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The information also needs to be easily accessible to care, providers, office staff and in case of data compliance audits.

The best solution is to transfer data to an EHR archival system that is maintained via cloud services in conjunction with the EHR upgrade. And remember, replacing your EHR with archival data integration reduces costs of maintaining separate systems

To find the right solutions, Triyam offers data management capabilities for healthcare providers, including a proper EHR archival.

Data protection and compliance

The length of retention time for accessible health information varies by state, but at a minimum, it is five years for most states. Additional requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and security requirements make archiving health data in a secure manner a necessity.

Moreover, a hospital or clinic’s cloud EHR system should integrate security updates by a company that understands differing state and HIPAA requirements.

Accessibility and cost reduction

Your staff and patients need access to the data from the previous system to ensure proper care and make a seamless transition. The importance of creating interoperable access to data is paramount for your facility’s success.

Fovea empowers your professionals and patients with easy access to provider portal that integrates information from current EHR systems, data from legacy archives and tertiary provider systems into a single, cost-effective location.

Transferring legacy data to an improved EHR system can eliminate your previous system maintenance and service fees. Cloud storage also saves money with scalability. So, as your business needs to grow so does the access to additional features.

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