A new brand identity represents Triyam’s core values and vision and marks the start of a new chapter for the fast-growing company.

LEXINGTON, Kentucky, May 11, 2023Triyam, a leading provider of healthcare data management announced rebranding efforts and launched a new brand identity by unveiling its fresh colors and distinctive logos.

The new brand essence emphasized Triyam’s unique factors: ‘health,’ ‘network,’ ‘technology’ and ‘movement,’ among others; thereby positioning itself as a modern and innovative healthcare company that is embracing technology and adopting a collaborative approach.

The launch follows the company’s initiative to emphasize its dedication to providing advanced and intuitive data management solutions and services to various healthcare organizations at scale, with the goal of improving workflow optimization and patient continuity of care for various healthcare facilities.

“We owe this achievement to the dedication and hard work of our talented executive team and designer, who approached this challenge with a deep sense of ownership and pride,” said Luka Salamunic, CEO of Triyam and Founder of Estelio Partners. “The final result surpassed my expectations, leaving me in awe of the outstanding new logo and vibrant color scheme. Our team’s commitment to effectively manage and safeguard healthcare digital information is reflected in every aspect of the rebranding effort, and I am excited to share our renewed vision with our clients and partners.”

To better represent the vendor-neutral archival and storage capabilities of Triyam’s archive, across various systems, the product has been renamed from ‘Fovea EHR Archive’ to ‘Fovea Archive.’ The new logo is designed to reflect the solution’s reliability, uniqueness, innovation, security, and robust nature, as well as Triyam’s focus on helping each customer with their data management needs.

“I am excited about our new brand identity. The vibrant colors and modern logo perfectly align with our company’s mission and vision and have already sparked a renewed sense of enthusiasm among our team,” said Sudhakar Mohanraj, Founder and CTO of Triyam. “In addition to this exciting change, we will also be actively rolling out several enhancements to our product, including an improved UI UX user experience. We cannot wait for our customers to experience the advancements to our brand and product.”

The latest look of Triyam will be soon reflected on its website and company materials and showcase the new corporate identity of the company. Visit www.triyam.com to explore the new website and brand and learn more about the various data management solutions that Triyam offers.

About Triyam

Triyam is a leading provider of healthcare data management solutions, with a specific focus on legacy data archival and retention.

Triyam helps healthcare organizations to freely migrate and archive data from any EHR, EMR, ERP, financial, and billing systems vendor to another without losing any historical patient data. This allows healthcare organizations to decommission legacy systems and save money while meeting state-mandated retention requirements.

Contact us today by giving us a call at 855-663-2684 or email us at info@triyam.com.