Archiving all your historical data from various legacy systems such as EHR, EMR, ERP, financial, and business systems can help greatly benefit your healthcare organization. Right from improving workflow efficiency to providing an increased Return on Investment, data archiving can be a game-changer for your business.

  • Data Archival is the process of moving historical records containing various types of data (structured, unstructured, and others) to a long-term storage system.


The infographic below contains the top 5 data archiving advantages and what they could mean for your healthcare organization.


Archiving your healthcare organization’s legacy data can improve your business operation and efficiency, help avoid staff burnout and enhance patient care. There are no two ways about it: archival can change your business for the better, and you’ll need a team with experience in data archival to do that for you.

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At Triyam, we help healthcare organizations archive their legacy data to a new system or solution. Our experts have extensive experience in archiving different types of data from various systems such as Epic, NextGen Healthcare, Cerner, eClinicalworks, Practice Fusion, AthenaOne, and many others.

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