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When your clients move to a new EHR/EMR, they look to your guidance and direction.  Help them save time, money, and avoid frustration when you refer clients to Triyam.


Your clients need a way to shut down their old EHR to avoid license and support fees.  They also need to retain legacy data and reports to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements.  But typically, most EHR vendors want to start out with a clean slate and populate the new database with only current patients, current balances, current information, and that leaves behind a lot of historic detail, years of data.


Refer your clients to Triyam.  We help them migrate their current data to the new EHR and/or move legacy data into an archive.

Your clients benefit

  • Saving money – not paying license and support fees for the old system
  • Complying with state law by retaining medical & financial records for up to 10 years
  • Accessing historic data with a click of the mouse

Your benefit

  • You enhance your client relationship
  • You expand your revenue opportunity and save your clients a bunch of money

Triyam’s role

  • Triyam gets the job done quickly, efficiently, and make everybody happy
  • Triyam has a crack team of IT professionals with lots of experience
  • Our powerful search engine makes data retrieval a snap

How do we do it

  • Convert data from their old system to the new EMR/EHR  and/or
  • Move their data into an archive system for easy access

Let’s partner and provide great solutions to your hospitals, clinics, and care centers.

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