• Large hospitals
  • Critical access hospitals
  • Surgery Centers

Your Challenges

  • Migrating patient clinical, financial, departmental records to a new EHR
  • Archiving historic patient records and providing easy access for future information requests
  • Converting various types of data from multiple sources to a single data repository
  • Retaining historic data in compliance with HIPAA and legal requirements

Our Solution

  • Triyam’s experience extracting, converting from multiple sources to the new system
  • Triyam’s archive system for searching, viewing, downloading, sharing info
  • Triyam’s expert professionals for project management

When you transition to a new EHR/EMR, don’t overload your IT team with a data migration project.
Because we’ve done it before, we will save you time and money, and keep it simple, complete and accurate.
Our archive system, Fovea, will keep your historical data HIPAA compliant and meet the legal state mandates for medical record retention.

Fovea is Cloud-based and allows you to securely access ALL of your data anytime and anywhere on a PC, iPad or mobile device, and share information with other healthcare providers, patients, insurance companies, regulators and auditors.

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