Triyam partnered with Estelio Partners to foster business continuity and revenue growth, expand data management and archival products and services, and improve customer experience in the healthcare space.

LEXINGTON, Kentucky, December 8, 2022: Triyam, a leading provider of healthcare data archival and management solutions, celebrates its 9-month partnership anniversary with Estelio Partners, a privately owned investment vehicle sponsored by some of North America’s most tenured and well-known private equity and search fund investors.

Luka Salamunic, the founder of Estelio Partners, led the partnership as the principal between the companies. He joined Triyam in early 2022, and currently serves as its CEO. Luka is a software operator, entrepreneur, and investor with over 10 years of experience working in the vertical software, healthcare, and finance spaces.

The partnership is currently helping the company achieve the goal of continued business development and revenue growth. This has allowed for the expansion of Triyam’s innovative data archival and management products and services for various organizations in the healthcare space, while also increasing business coverage and accelerating team expansion.

“We are bullish in the EHR data archiving space and proud investors of Triyam and its flagship product Fovea for the long run,” said Luka Salamunic, CEO of Triyam and Founder of Estelio Partners. “Estelio Partners’ investors are very intrigued with Triyam’s impressive organic growth. We are glad to be part of the Triyam family after months of strategic discussions and negotiations. Our conviction about Triyam’s prospects is higher than ever. Our team and product are ready to take over the EHR data archival and management space.”

“We were delighted to partner with Estelio Partners in this new stage of Triyam, and I am thrilled with how the partnership turned out,” said Sudhakar Mohanraj, Founder and CTO of Triyam. “This partnership has allowed Triyam to expand its data management and archival business and improve solutions for our customers as a leading player in the healthcare industry.”


About Triyam:

Triyam is a leading provider of expert solutions and services in healthcare data management, with a focus on healthcare data migration and healthcare data archival. Their team of data experts are on a mission to assist healthcare organizations archive or migrate historical data stored in legacy EHR, EMR, ERP, business, and billing systems. Triyam’s data archival solutions help healthcare organizations decommission legacy systems and save money, while ensuring compliance with mandated data retention requirements. Their ground-up, SaaS archival product, ‘Fovea EHR Archive’ is HIPAA-attested and SOC2-certified and is available in the cloud and on-premise environments. Give their team a call at 855-663-2684 or e-mail them at

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About Estelio Partners:

Estelio Partners is a privately owned investment vehicle sponsored by some of North America’s most tenured and well-known private equity and search fund investors.

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