Having a robust data archive is important for any healthcare organization, especially when dealing with legacy data management. A data archive helps healthcare organizations meet statutory data retention requirements, retain and access historic data easily, and can act as a passive or active solution depending on your needs.

While streamlining your organization’s healthcare data needs, the archive will also save money by decommissioning legacy systems – saving on license, maintenance, and support costs; improve operational workflows and organizational efficiency, and help with much more! The list of benefits a healthcare organization can reap by implementing a data archive is endless.

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The infographic below shows the top ten features your healthcare data archive must have to impact the healthcare organization, its staff, and patients positively.

Top Ten Features a Healthcare Organization's Data Archive Must Have


Our SaaS archival solution, ‘Fovea EHR Archive’ provides all ten of these features that your healthcare organization needs in its data archive, to achieve the best outcomes pertaining to your data archival or legacy data management strategy.

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