Fovea EHR Data Archive

What happens to my old data when I upgrade to a new EHR/EMR? 

When an EHR system is discontinued or replaced, the historic medical and financial information in the old system needs to be put in a safe, secure place and is to be made available to those who need it.  In other words, it needs to be archived.

An archival system is a separate system from your new EHR.  When users sign into the archive app, they can access all of the legacy data.  Depending on their user rights they may see all or some of the historic reports and data stored and organized in the system.  For example, in the archive you can see all patients and their historic charts, medications, treatments, billings, insurance claims, payments, and more. You will also be able to see historic employee records, payroll and accounts payable information.

The most common functions of the data archive system are to:

  • Search and query – clinical and financial data for Continuity of Care, and
  • Download, view, and print reports for Release of Information

Fovea Archive System Features for healthcare customers

Triyam’s Fovea is a EHR data archival system. With Fovea you will have all of your data at your fingertips when you need it. Once legacy data is archived in Fovea, you can dismantle and retire the legacy EHR and stop paying support fees to the legacy vendor.Fovea

  • Powerful search engine to search, query, filter, and retrieve historic data
  • Rich, easy-to-use functionality to download, view, print, or email information
  • Manages discrete, non-discrete, unstructured, and structured data including SQL, XML documents such as CCDA
  • Stores and organizes various data types including images and PDFs
  • Web-based, no software to install locally
  • Cloud management of data storage, backup, and HIPAA security/privacy compliance
  • Data is accessed (a) directly in the Cloud, or (b) from the client’s EHR software via an API
  • Multi-tenant, single-sign-on
  • User-defined security permission levels for limited or unlimited data access
  • Presentation of patient information in a visit-by-visit or a longitudinal view over entire life-time of the patient
  • Information can be accessed and viewed by computers, laptops, iPads, and mobile devices
  • Can scale to virtually any size and service unlimited number of users
  • Tracks and audits each user request and release of information
  • Complies with Medicare and Medicaid standards for security and privacy

Where is the archive system housed?

The archive is hosted in a secure HIPAA compliant cloud environment. For large enterprise customers, the archive can be hosted on your local server.

In the Cloud the archive vendor is responsible for many of the concerns surrounding security, privacy, redundancy, backup, disaster recovery, and compliance to HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

In the Cloud, you never have to worry about running out of disk space, backing up, and maintaining the data.  In addition, queries and reports can be accessed from computers, laptops, iPADs, or mobile devices.

How Do I Access My Data?

There is no use archiving the data unless you can access and view it when needed. From this diagram, you can see that users can access the historical data records in two ways:

  • Direct access into the archival system: through a standalone application accessed from a user’s desktop. It has a user interface to prompt for a user id and password to login and access the patient medical records.
    Fovea is a user-friendly, web-based, multi-tenant application.  You need only one user name and password to login and access medical records across multiple facilities. Users can also access Fovea from any mobile device.  Every access by every user is audited at a detailed level in Fovea.
  • Access archived records from within the new EHR: While the user is operating their EHR and looking at patient John Doe, all they have to do is click a button within the new EHR and an API interface will open a new window and show all the old records from the archival system.
    Triyam’s Fovea has a plug-and-play component which can be plugged into any EHR system that allows an API interface.  This method is more convenient to the user because they do not have to login in to two systems nor do they have to search the patient in two places


Fovea is a SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) application licensed with a monthly subscription fee. Pricing is dependent on the amount of data to be extracted, migrated and archived. Contact us for a free evaluation and quick price quote.

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